Self-Storage Tips

Before you start

  • Make sure to thoroughly clean your appliances before storage and keep doors partially open to prevent mold.
  • To prevent rust, apply a small amount of machine oil to bicycles, tools and other equipment.
  • Fill your boxes without overloading them.
  • Label your boxes and write a list of their content.
  • Label fragile boxes.
  • Disassemble large items such as bed frames, tables, etc., place hardware in properly identified bags, and glue them on furniture.
  • In the moving truck, make sure to place heavy items underneath light items.
  • For your clothes use wardrobe boxes.

How to organize your self-storage unit

  • Use wooden pallets or 2×4s to prevent your items from resting directly on the floor.
  • Better organize your unit by using freestanding shelves.
  • You should stack your chairs.
  • Use the inside of the units to store smaller objects.
  • Store mattresses and box springs length-wise and DO NOT place them directly on the floor.
  • Keep your off-season clothing accessible. Storage often lasts longer than expected!

Protect your assets

  • Once a month, inspect your unit to make sure everything is normal.
  • Get insurance.
  • If you notice a problem or something suspicious, please inform TOUSKI-FIT.

Do not...

  • Do not use plastic to cover your belongings. Plastic retains moisture.
  • Do not store food.
  • Do not use newspapers to wrap items; ink may stain them.
  • Do not store dirty appliances.
  • Do not store toxic or illegal products.
  • Do not give anyone your access code unless you want to give them access to your unit.

How Can I Book a Unit?

It is quick and easy to book online!

You must have your personal information and a credit card.
Once you’ve completed your booking, a unique access code will be sent to your email address.